Starting about a month ago, my husband, David and I began a new lifestyle of eating.

As lovers of gluten and all-things dairy, the idea of going on a “diet” was unspeakable. We decided to do some research and came across the French non-diet. The French are known for their rich, healthy food without the added weight usually associated with such foods… heavy cream, butter, cheese, wine and desserts (their desserts however are not as sweet as those found in America). They cut down on their portions, but the main difference to their eating habits, compared to ours? No preservatives. No processed food.

Once we decided to change over to the French way of eating, we moved through our pantry, tossing anything with the words “High Fructose Corn Syrup” and “Monosodium Glutamate”. If we didn’t know what the ingredient list said, into the trash it went.

It was slightly disheartening to see how many preservatives and artificial ingredients are in our food. The plus side? Most of the items could be replaced by shopping smarter, or making from scratch.

We already love to cook together and we’ve decided to share our meals and recipes with you!

We hope you enjoy and get encouraged to try out your own new lifestyle of healthy, tasty eating.

-Katie Moum (pronounced like poem)